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Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Natalie at Mommy on Fire

Nothing IS a beautiful thing! We Snapps REJOICE when there is nothing on the calendar for the weekend. We LOVE it!

I think it's time I move to Europe. Pretty much everything sounded more appealing to me - except the teeth. I AM married to a dentist, you know. We value us some good dental health in our world.

Thanks for posting this - love the visual of you sitting around with your girls.

Here's to doing more nothing! :)


Ha Ha Im a Brit and I have to say your on the mark :) We very much enjoy not doing very much and especially the teeth lol
The one thing you Americans have got though is SPACE.....lots of space!! Its so cramped over here!!
Looking forward to reading your blog and comparing it to my lifestyle :D

Gabriele Agustini

Wishing you and your lovely family much, much more of 'nothing'. :)
Sending love ~ <3

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