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Monday, March 15, 2010



I love using my husband's iPhone for taking pictures! He's got these cool apps that distort the pics and make them all cool and artsy...a shitty little picture can turn in to a freakin' masterpiece with one little app! LOL!


I know!! I use those apps because I can use all the help I can get!


Oohhh I like that! I will check out the Flicker thing ... I just found your site through SITS- hope you stop by my place sometime soon- and Yippee I am now following :-)


Wow, this is a great tip, because I definitely didn't know about that.

I found you via TMC. Have a great day!


The button for all sizes is located right above the picture when it is in stand alone (not in the photostream) mode. Double click it and it will ask you what size you want!!! Life changer, NOT exaggerating!


Just stopped by, love your site!!


Wow - nicely done. Congrats! I take shots with my iphone all the time and am gonna try this now.


Are those like "peeps"?! Funny how I've never seen a Valentines day version of those mallow-like things before


It is truly amazing, have fun!!


Peeps for sure! Almost a food group to my girls ;)

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