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About Me:

I am Sadie, a former New York City Mama that has recently moved out of the city and into the suburbs and couldn't be happier. I am a 38 year old working mother of two beautiful girls. I started this blog in 2008 when Belle, my oldest was seven and in second grade and my youngest, Lily was five years old and in Pre-K.

Why heyMamas?

What heyMamas means to could be one of my girls screaming from the other side of the house to get my attention "hey Mammmma" just as easily as it could be me greeting my girlfriend, "hey Mama, what's up."


I have been married since 1999, to a man that is my everything (sappy and gross, I know, but true, so it must be said). He is my best friend. In the most profound sense, he settled me. I met Drew when I was 24 and knew instantly that he was either going to crush me or make me blissfully happy. Thankfully the latter was the outcome, at least so far..... ! Drew is the real deal. He has his 'Man Faults' of course, but that is inevitable. I thank God everyday that I was lucky enough to find HIM at the right time.


I grew up on Long Island and went to college in Rhode Island, nothing against the actual state of Rhode Island, which is actually quite beautiful, but I didn't exactly enjoy the small school everyone has the same penny loafers atmosphere especially being a native New Yorker. Upon my graduation in 1993, I returned to New York and got a series of corporate jobs.

Since I was a young girl, I had always wanted to be an actress. I used to sing and dance in my room and seriously thought I was Madonna, no I mean, seriously thought I was Madonna. The reason why I never pursued acting in high school was that I was also a competitive swimmer. Not just a swimmer on a "oh, yeah I swam on my high school swim team too" kind of swimmer. I was a swimmer who had to get up at 4am three mornings a week to run, lift and swim before school. I then had the pleasure of repeating the same torture every day after school, every day of the week with a double practice thrown in for good measure on Saturday morning. I did this for twelve years, so needless to say I did not have to much time for launching an acting career.

The reason I tell you this is after my second year in Corporate America my father said to me, after one of my many conversations on how I really wanted to be an actress, "You have wanted to do this for so long, stop talking about it already and go do it". So that is what I did. I promptly quit my cushy corporate job and went and enrolled in a drama school downtown and got a waitressing job. Actually, not just one waitressing job but two. One in the morning and one at night and I would try to make it to auditions in between. What really ended up happening though, was about my second week into the night job, I met Drew. He was the bouncer at the bar/restaurant where I worked, and it was love at first sight for both of us, although he will deny it. I then spent the next eight months figuring out how we would get back into the corporate world having lost some of our skills, so that we could get married and live happily ever after! It seems as if acting was just not in the cards for me....


Since I was a kid, I intrinsically knew that I was meant to be a Mom. I had my girls' names picked out since I was thirteen years old and the amazing thing is that I actually stuck to them, changed the spelling slightly, but stayed with my original names. Being a mother is everything to me. Although, my foray into Motherhood was quite the bumpy road.

After having many years of painful periods, I was finally diagnosed in my early twenties with Endometriosis. I had surgery and followed that up with a course of drugs that made me menopausal with hot flashes and estrogen add-backs and all. My Endometriosis story luckily had a happy ending when Belle and Lily were born into this world.

My belief is that being a Mom is the greatest gift that you can offer up to the world and you haven't fully lived until you have experienced it. To have these innocent souls that are entirely dependent on you and to have the responsibility of molding them into good solid citizens (as my Grandmother would say) is no easy task and not one just anyone can do. Sure, anyone can be a Mom, but not everyone can Mother the way a child needs to be mothered.

I aspire every day to be the Mother that my children need me to be, not just the kind of Mom that I already am.

My Girls

Any attempt to explain the depth of the love that I have for my girls, would merely fall flat. I will say only this, my girls are my heart. They are the greatest gift I will ever experience. They are true love in the purest form and they belong to ME. I could never want for anything more. I am forever whole and will always be grateful for them.

New York City

I have lived in and around New York City my whole life, except for my college stint in Rhode Island. I have a love/hate relationship with New York City. New York City can be either the greatest place or the toughest place in the world. I always say when you are up, there is no better place in the world to be, but when you are down, New York City will chew you up and spit you out. Life in the city is just harder and more complicated than most places, but equally as great with all the opportunities that abound.

Even after 38 years, driving over the bridge into Manhattan still takes my breath away. You can feel the energy as you get closer, the infinite number of possibilities lurking around every corner, the acceptance of people big or small, strange or straight, whatever, it all jives in New York City. Whether you love it or hate it, everyone should try to experience once in their lives all that is New York City.

This is my journey as a Mama in New York City.